PETALI: the new .bijouets collection designed by Maria Diana

The collection of contemporary jewelry designed by Maria Diana for .bijouets is getting bigger with the Petali series, inspired by the floral and natural world

The basic element is the petal of a flower that is repeated, declined and combined in different shapes to define the necklace, the pendant, the ring, the bracelet and the earrings. Flowers have been a recurring element in fashion since they lived in pastel-colored silks in the mid-eighteenth century and then they exploded on jewels, architectural details and furnishings in the Art Nouveau era. Many designers over the years have been inspired by floral motifs and now flowers come back more current than ever, indeed they are the protagonists of the Spring 2018 fashion.

The flowering is now a trend in fashion and it has never been more ruthless and lusher: it is a true must this season, in full harmony with the rhythms of nature that is awakening now, and the Petali collection is perfect for this spring. The jewels designed by Maria Diana immediately make you want sun, femininity and lightness. The entire prêt-à-porter jewelry collection designed by Maria Diana for .bijouets is now available in our shop!

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