Rossana Rossi is a creative with solid background in marketing and communication and brand & image building. Born in Verona in 1961, she enters the world of advertising when she was young age and she works with some of the most known creative. Since 1985 she deals with marketing and communication, public relations and press office, coordinating even the creative and production departments.

In 2009 Rossana is dedicated to the creation, launch and development of a new brand Dohome. In 2013 she meets the designer Giampietro Tonetti by which develops the project Itweet – the expressive design for .bijouets.

Born in Cremona, Giampietro Tonetti lived and worked in Lodi. Passionate of design since 1977, he starts as a design consultant in home decoration, up to establish in 1983 Dimensioni (that became Tonettidesign in 2011), an industrial design company, specialized in the design of consumer products, that operates worldwide.


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