For more than 30 years engaged in the field of jewelry design, Monica Castiglioni works especially with bronze which, thanks to oxidation, expresses distinctively it’s vitality. The shapes of jewels are often inspired by nature, out of all stands out the flower’s pistil, definitely the most representative element of the binomial Monica-Art.

In 2014 she found out .bijouets and she was fascinated by the infinite possibilities offered by 3D printing, first of all the freedom in the design and the possibility to create one-piece jewelry.

What characterizes her style is the modularity of jewels, that allows endless possibilities of combinations. Her jewelry can be worn in different ways and they can be combined to create new pieces and customize your own style.

All jewelry designed for .bijouets are made of laser sintered polyamide and they could be enriched by the combination with bronze jewelry collection.


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