.bijouets turns 10! It is a milestone that we choose to celebrate with you, telling you about the ten values that represent us and have made us grow healthy and beautiful, ten words that give meaning and life to our idea of precious manufacturing. Each month, the story of a value and a promotion that celebrates it. Here is the first: Made in Italy.

“Italians do It Better”?

We believe so. The Italian creative genius has contributed to the development of art, philosophy, many sectors of technology, fashion and design. Italian creators have always made Italy as a main actor of what is now considered Culture. Even today, the excellence and high specialization of industrial or artisanal production techniques ensure Italian success in the world. The expression “Made in Italy” comes in the 80s to reward this know-how and seal this reputation enjoyed by the country.

.bijouets fits proudly into this line, making its Italian spirit a fixed constant and one of its strengths. From choosing the designers to collaborate with, to the production of jewels using innovative technology, in our factory in Trento, we carry the Italian spirit high throughout the creative and production process. Yes definitely, Italians do it better!

Let’s kick off the celebrations by offering you 20% off all our rings, except Alphabet and Numbers, using the coupon code ITALY20!